Friday, 27 August 2010

My Baby Girl is 1

My memories about my Booboo's birth are good, unlike my son's birth, her birth was free from stress and very tranquil, painful none the less!

I had given birth once before and wasn't scared or nervous about it, I gave birth naturally, just as I did my son, but this time I had the birth at Basildon hospital in the midwife led birth unit in a nice spacious room with a massive window overlooking a park in a birthing pool.

It was the best birth experience I could have ever wished for, my memories are tranquil ones of soothing music with birds chirping, the feel of the warm water on my skin and a beautiful baby girl in my arms. Yes I did have a complication, she did her first poop inside me (yew!) which meant that if I didn't push her out quick enough I would have to have an emergency caesarian, which I definitely didn't want!!! So as soon as the midwife told me my baby was in danger I turned on my Superwoman mode and I pushed her out fast!

It was still amazing though, I did it all by myself :), the midwife did not touch me or the baby for anything except to see how dilated I was. My amazing husband was there holding my hand, my mother in law was there but as quiet as a mouse bless her, specially considering she is a midwife too (my mum had been to my DS' birth, so my MIL came all the way from South Africa for her turn).

Unlike my little boy where I had difficulty breastfeeding for the two months or so (having flat nipples didn't help!), my Boo Boo was on the breast within 15-20 mins of being born and breast fed like a pro, as if she had been doing it for years... maybe its a girl thing! ;)

Now my baby is a toddler and a mischievous one at that, 14 months now and starting to run... I see great things in her future, very smart for her age and most of all a determined little girl.

I love you my Boo Boo and I promise to do all I can to raise you right and give you as many opportunities as I can, just the same goes for your brother.

Love you always Boo Boo

Mummy xxx

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