My Funny Bunny Family
Funny Bunny, Monica and BooBoo
Me, Gadget Dad, BooBoo, Funny Bunny, Buba and Suki (our two dogs).

We aim to bring you a wealth of fun, information, reviews, products and competitions, to make parenting easier and super fun!

While also sharing some bits from our manic, fun and busy life :)

We also have some fabulous people that help us bring you all those, our amazing authors that take time out of their busy schedules to share their life and experiences with all of us :)  Thanks guys!

Monica xx

Gadget Dad
Gadget Dad
Gadget Dad is truly a gadget fanatic, always having friends and family asking for his opinion on what to buy next, from TVs to mobile phones and even cars, he likes keep on top of all the latest gadgets!

He enjoys ice skating and extreme sports, and can often be found behind a camera capturing moments through a lens.

Check out Gadget Dad's reviews and ramblings here

Funny Banana
Mum aka FunnyBanana with her granny
over 40 years ago
A happy go lucky Portuguese family. There are three boys, a girl, and two pet dogs, a dachshund and a rotweiller, compulsive artisans and that includes their passion for cooking.

Hope you enjoy their contributions to the blog, delight yourself with their family recipes, and of course their eco-friendly handmade creations.

Find FunnyBanana's recipes, reviews and ramblings here and their handmade products here
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