Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Christmas take over

PaperTigerNStitches Baby's 1st Xmas Ornament
This Christmas is my little girls first, she's not going to remember all the fuss at 3 months old but I will, and that's what's bothering me.
She’s the first grandchild for my parents and I can't help feeling that everything I'm trying to do to remember her 1st Christmas is being taken away from me.

My mum bought her a Christmas outfit, we'd already decided on a little dress we liked but not bought it yet, we then saw the perfect advent calendar with little doors to open that would last her years but through the post arrived an advent calendar made by my mum that she can keep every year instead, then we decided that instead of big presents this Christmas because she would get so much we would start a charm bracelet for her so that when she's older she'll have something to remember each birthday and Christmas by, along with that we'd get some books which the lead character has the same name as my daughter, they come in a series so would be a great addition and we could build those up every year, but on telling my sister our plans she announced that my mum had found those books and bought them already, my sister incidentally is making her a stocking which she will keep year after year. So now what is left for me to do?

This is my first child, my first Christmas with her and I want her to have a memory of one thing that mummy and daddy got for her first Christmas that she returns to every year, but instead we'll just have photos of everyone else’s presents.

I know they're all meant well and I love that she is being thought about and loved and I understand that she is a long awaited grand child but I just think we could have been consulted?

My partner thinks we should go ahead and get her the things we were going to and she'll just have duplicates but I'm reluctant as it isn't really the same. I think I'll just roll over like I usually do so I don't upset anyone and keep the peace and I am really grateful for everything anybody does for her so it's not like anyone’s done anything terrible! Plus I love Christmas and don't want anything to spoil it.

Having said that if my mum finds this blog (which is unlikely) I know she'd take it the wrong way and feel I'm unappreciative but all I want is to do just 1 thing for my daughter for her 1st Christmas.
Any ideas of keepsakes that I can make or buy for Christmas?
 Emily x


The undomesticated scientist said...

just remember that you being there in those photos taken on christmas morning as she opens her gifts (with your help)will be incredably special.
my kids have 2 stocking as i do one and my mum does one too (my mum tells the kids that as there are so many toys at her house santa thinks kiddies live there too so they get double!). the kids enjoy it and i both me and my mum get the fun of filling them.
does she have a special doll (one of those posh sort like what you can get at mamas and papas). something like that which could be put away till shes bigger could be an idea. Tiny got one for her 1st christmas, doll still lives in the box but she is still special.
christmas hugs to you all

Zara said...

First christmases are so special, and I can fully appreciate you feeling like things are being taken out of your hands and not as you planned.

Make sure you start some family traditions that you will do every year, for example: simple things like visiting father christmas, leaving out a mince pie - why not make a personalised mince pie plate you can get out every year? Hang a personalised stocking and get a personalised sack that you can use every year - its so lovely to get these out again and again!

A first xmas dec is a lovely keepsake, get it out every year, and every year buy something new to add to it, so in the end she'll have a collection of ornaments from all her childhood xmases.

I think you will always remember their first xmas, take LOADS of photos and then next year, do all the things you did last to remind you of that special first christmas and keep the magic alive.

My girls LOVE that santa leaves footprints on the floor when he visits, so will be doing that again this year!

hope you have a brilliant Christmas!

Francesca said...

Can you still go ahead with the charm braclet idea? because that is a lovely one. How about making a special christmas scrapbook for her about what you did, traditions and stuff?xx

Emily said...

Thank you so much for your comments, I've got some great ideas and I get to spend Christmas morning just with our little family and take a million photos and make it really special. Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas too x

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