Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Excitement is the order of the year!

Yes, yes, yes I am excited!

Excitement leads to happiness, happiness leads to positive thinking, positive thinking leads to motivation, motivation leads to new discoveries!!!

So this year one of my motos is to think more positively, therefore be happier and more productive!!! Which should be the moto for all of us... lets all smile cause its contagious!

So yes, I found something to be excited about...and I started early this year!

I sold my first handmade item on ebay! Yes ebay, I had sold quite a few items by word of mouth, spread the love with loads and loads of handmade gifts for friends and family but had not got the guts to put my brand on ebay as I believed it not to be the right market for my handmade goodness as I usually just sold my odds and ends to make some extra cash and more space..

So... yes I had the guts to start putting some handmade goodies on there and hope that there were some buyers that were looking for quality and cuteness on ebay... and there are!!!
Yes my star first customer that bought my handmade goodness on ebay....(drumroll)....is Alison!

She bought my flower power nappy stacker and straight after ordered a lovely canvas frame which I custom made just for her to match... really cute!

The canvas frame is a great idea as you can used it as decoration on your wall but when you get bored pin up a photo on it!!!!
Even better when you change the deco in the baby's room you can use it in the kitchen as a pin up board!!!! Now that's value for money!

These can be made to order in any particular fabric you request from my stock and cost £9.99, if you wish to send me some of your fabric to do it with they only cost £7.99. Let me know if you wanna add it to your nursery deco!
I am busy brewing up some more goodies so will update to you soon!
Monica xx

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