Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Coochie Coo - January Give Away

I am very pleased to present to you Coochie Coo, this month's generous Give Away Sponsor!

For the duration of the give away, Coochie Coo is offering our readers a 10% discount on the basket value of your order (not inc. p&p).
Just enter the code FBUNNY01 when you shop at this January!

Coochie Coo was the brainchild of Tim and Sarah Rowe and was officially born in September 2009 to provide a store for parents which offers a stylish line of luxurious, practical and stylish mother and baby products.

Tim and Sarah are modern parents themselves, and so they understand the needs of parents from childbirth and beyond and are committed to ensure their products are of the highest quality. One of the brands Coochie Coo are very proud to be stocking is Itzy Ritzy™ from the US, a perfect example of the type of brand you will find at Coochie Coo.

Itzy Ritzy™ was created to deliver exceptional and hip baby, toddler, and adult products designed with beauty, sophistication, function and fun in mind.

Loved by celebrities including Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O'Connell, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Melissa Joan Hart, Nicole Richie and more, Itzy Ritzy™ proves that just because you become a parent it doesn't mean you lose
your style!

Now wouldn't you love to win some Itzy Ritzy™ goodies from Coochie Coo?
Here is what's up for grabs!

Bitzy™ from Itzy Ritzy™ (worth £13.28)

Bitzys come in sets of 2 burp cloths in coordinating colours and prints bundled up with Itzy Ritzy™ ribbon.

Made from baby bamboo and with a splash of designer fabric, these soft burp and wash cloths are sophisticated as well as highly functional.

The ideal size for slipping into your changing bag they could be used as a mini-blankie and are great for removing make up too.
Ritzy Sitzy™ from Itzy Ritzy™ (worth £45.97)

If like us you aren't thrilled with the thought of having to put your child in a dirty germ filled trolley to do your shopping, or a wooden restaurant high chair then the Ritzy Sitzy is the perfect solution for you!

The Ritzy Sitzy puts a barrier between your little one and the germs so you can be comforted by the knowledge that your child is protected.

Designed with sophistication and function in mind, the covers have 2 handy toy loops and pockets to keep toys from endlessly falling to the ground.

The Ritzy Sitzy is suitable for single or double seated shopping trolleys, and these reversible and machine washable covers are also padded for ultimate comfort and even cover the trolley handle so your hands are protected too.


Unisex & trendy, these prizes are scrumptious!

Now do you want to know how to enter?!? We always give you as many chances as we can to enter!


You must visit and come back to tell us what your favourite products are and why (by commenting below), then do at least 1 of the things mentioned below & tell us about it too!

If you wanna boost your chances, do as many as you can, as many times as you can but make sure you come tell us about it (with links if applicable)! Not only does it count as an extra entry each but we will also luuuuuurve you!


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Give Away closes on the 31st of January 2010 & is only open to UK entrants.
Winner will be notified by e-mail & has 7 days to reply to claim prize or another winner will be chosen at random.

Thanks for visiting us, we hope you come again!

Monica xx


BabyBudgeting said...

I love the coochie Coo Nursing Cover - Sevilla Design so so stylish and discreet the baby changiing bags at Coochie coo are really gorgewous too. How Lovely. Will tweet you now !

Becky said...

Have created a link

Becky said...

I have also joined your mailing list and will pop you on facebook and include you on my main website under readerst ips as a good budgeting wa to get a free gift!

Maya Russell said...

I love the Cute Baby Booties on the Coochie Coo website as they are simply CUTE!
I have signed up to the mailing list.

madbird32 said...
I love this breastfeeding cover!
I wish these were around when I had my little ones! I had to make do with either being realy careful when we went out or go to the ladies! Not very nice, but that's how it was. The are so trendy looking, and they do look like a little top in itself.

cheyc23 said...

im loving the Oscar & Leon Sofa Chair, would go perfect in my little girls bedroom. I own a skip hop messenger bag in red. The third changing bag I bought and its perfect.Iv never seen those trolley seat covers before amazing! Always looking for uniqueonline baby stores, cant wait to buy something!

Jo said...

I think the Oscar & Leon Fun Booties are just sooooo cute!!!

Jo said...

I follow you on the blog

Jo said...

Wow I just became your 1000th follower on Twitter

Lollzz said...

What genius products! I think I might have to make some purchases if I'm not lucky enough to win. Trollies make me cringe!
I've joined the mailing list x

Not a Career Girl said...

I love the Glitzy Gals™ - Washable Nursing Pads (Assorted), what a fab product and kind to your skin and the environment - bring on this baby (phew I'm feeling fat)

Dozymoo said...

I think the Cuddledry Apron Towel is an ab fab idea - keeps me dry at bathtime and saves me faffing around trying to find a towel - BRILL idea!!

Julie Henderson said...

the bandana bibs are super trendy for the wild little ones

leiajulie said...

i love the lola chair - so cute for the nursery and looks really comfy

Anonymous said...

the dotty lola plush toy is gorgeous

tracey1972 twitter

poodlefluff1 said...

I love the Cuddledry Apron Towel in Cow Print - just the easiest way to get my little boy out of the bath! Such a fun print too.
I am following on Twitter, am on the mailing list and also have 'spread the word' at my post-natal group

vee said...

All excellent products on your website, but I just love the Ritzy Sitzy shopping trolley cover to bits. What a brilliant idea - best thing I've seen in a long time! I cringe every time I take my baby granddaughter shopping and spend about ten minutes wiping the trolley down with dettol wipes, and that's after drying it usually, I then spend the shopping trip trying to stop her chewing it! Not easy! This is such a simple, practical idea, and looks so stylish and comfy too - much better than being plonked in a cold metal seat covered in goodness knows what! She'd be the envy of all the other babies! Excellent idea too for babies who are a bit wary of shopping trolleys as it will make it look more familiar. Great for in restaurants too!

emma said...

I adore the cute hat - why? Because my nine week old just looks adorable in all hats and we are growing quite a collection :)

I have linked my facebook too.

Anonymous said...

Kaya & Pinto Musical Cot Mobile - love it baby relaxes and watches the lovely characters before drifting to sleep

make do mum said...

The shopping trolley covers are a really good idea - Swirl Creamsicle pattern is especially nice.

Now following you on Twitter :)

Emma said...

Following on twitter! :)

My favorite is the shopping trolley cover!! :D

butterfly2001 said...

absolutly gorgous prize.

I'm following and retweeted via twitter

joined your mailing list and following your blog!

kAT said...

I'm on your mailing list, tweeted cheepcheepcheep, and am following you.

Love the blue sleeveless babygrows - they look like wee 1970's jumpsuits!

superlucky said...

I love the Itzi Glitzi washable breast pads, so gorgeous! And for my month old baby boy it has to be the Skibz bandanna bibs, he'd look pretty dapper in the red spotty one!

I'm following you and have done you a couple of Twitter RTs (sorry I left it so close to the end of the giveaway!) at, I'm a FB fan and have done a wall post linking to the comp. I've joined your mailing list, follow your blog and finally you've got a mention on my comping blog at

Phew - hope that gets me all my Brownie points, now I'd better get back to my hungry baby!!

Love the website by the way!
Di x

Sent from my DiPhone

Maggie said...

Difficult choice but i plumped for the Oscar and Leon Winter Sleeping Bag. Its cute, cuddly, and cozy and anything that gets me an extra hours sleep at night gets my vote!!

I am now following you both on Twitter and i have retweeted this competition :o)

Carrie-Leon Afrin said...

I like Kaya & Pinto Play Gym

Joined the mailing list.

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