Friday, 13 March 2009

A Gift for Mother's Day

I never know what to get my mum for mothers day, she is very picky and has a very unique style!
I am always afraid of getting something that is not gonna get used and tossed to the side...
Last month me and my mum went to a craft fair in Essex and she saw a lovely bracelet that I never thought in a million years she would like! It was so not her usual style, unfortunately I had run out of money and had to leave it behind.
Regreting it later I went in search of something similar and this is what I came accross in Etsy.
Coincidently it was a UK Etsian which obviously helped with the postage costs (being local & all).
The shops name is Dainty Pretty Things, they have some beautiful jewellery, shipping wasn't very fast but the bracelet was so beautiful that I was so pleased!!!
My mum is gonna love it!
What did you get your mum?
I have a very slim chance of getting anything material this year... my son is only 2 and my daughter is still in my belly and due in June!!! But I know I will get lots of lovies and kisses from my little one & my hubby and that is worth millions!!!!
Monica xx

1 comment:

avagdro said...

Thanks for sharing .So cute jewelry indeed.Wish you and all Mom's around the world a joyful Mother's day ahead.

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