Saturday, 2 November 2013

Got teenage kids? Show them this...

We all know how much kids obsess over their looks, some girls actually go on to have serious health problems such as anorexia and boys have unrealistic expectations and that can lead to bullying and other demeaning behaviour towards girls.

The majority of victims here are girls BUT more and more boys suffer too.

The media presents unattainable images of models and actors but refrains from mentioning that they have been airbrushed, elongated, tucked in and even plumped up!

So yes, do promote healthy eating and exercise to your kids and teenagers... but do show them this so they can see what REALLY happens behind those photos of 'perfect' models.

Like this they can see what is natural & healthy VS so called perfect & fake!

M x

The 'Beauty' of Photoshop...

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Funny Girl said...

The beauty of photoshop... :)

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