Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lily Bean Designs

Oooh...have I got something for you!!!

I put in an alchemy request on Etsy yesterday to find a graphic designer that I could work with, get my ideas, my style etc...
I needed a static web ad for advertising my blog on other sites. I had quite a lot of bids but mostly people didn't respond directly to my alchemy request... some I don't think even read it properly! Lots of people saying "Look at my shop for what I can do" blah blah and not actually putting any ideas or samples forward!

So finally I got a sample from one lady which was nice but didn't really get my "flava" and then I got Lily Bean Designs! She understood my request right from the start with her sample but it was an animated banner, not static... But I was so impressed that we tweaked it a bit and I bought it! In addition I got her to do a static one!
I was so pleased with the results!!! Its the web ad above and animated ad on the top right of the blog.
Dana is super nice, although there is a time difference, when I get her in the morning (afternoon in the UK!) she works with me until I am happy with what I invision. We also have a few things in common, apart from being of a similar age she also has a little one and is expecting the next one like me!!
If you are looking for a graphic designer at really affordable prices... I definately recommend Lily Bean Designs!
She does loads of different styles...have a look in her shop. I am now getting my Etsy Banner done too!
Go on give her a visit, you know you want to!!


Funnybanana said...

I have been so unlucky with graphic designers that is appauling!!! I will give her a go. Thanks for sharing Monica.

Just Me said...

I used this designer and you are right, she is awesome. She helped me with two blog sites, my etsy site, and a children's book I wrote. She is awesome!

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