Friday, 8 May 2009

35 weeks pregnant...Packing & Moving!

I finally found a place to move!

Yes, after much looking and looking and looking...

I wanted to initially move before the baby came but nothing was right with all the things we were looking for combined.

Some of our requirements were that we preferred a private landlord, a 3 bedroom allowing pets with garden and parking!

So we kept on searching but found very little we liked within our budget, so needless to say that with the baby due shortly we gave up the search and swapped bedrooms around giving my son the biggest bedroom so that he would get used to the idea of sharing it with his baby sister before she was born... ease him into the idea before she was even here.

But we still wanted to move before winter because the house we are in has a few problems.

The radiators don't work properly, therefore in winter it costs me about £10 for 3 days if I want to have the heating on and even then the house still feels cold! The double glazing is the very first that came out, so needless to say that coupled with bad isolation its absolutely useless!

In my kitchen there are holes in the walls behind the cupboards so the kitchen is freezing cold and if you open the cupboards you can even feel a "breeze"! The wallpaper is coming off around the house because the just painted over it instead of taking it off.

I love animals but its a bit much going to the toilet in the morning and having slugs visiting you! I really can't find the hole where they come in, it looks like they are coming from behind the wallpaper somewhere but I am not gonna rip off the paper to find out because they will charge it off my deposit! The whole top floor creaks like a haunted house...and the garden is small and on a slope!

On top of that I have a horrid neighbour that keeps on blocking our shared drain in the garden, with 5 dogs and a cat, nothing against pets as I have 2 dogs, 3 fish and a bunny, but these are big dogs trapped in a small house with a small garden, and not taken out for walks or anything...they all wake up at around 4.30am start with the barking and the neighbour starts with the screaming...waking us and my son up all the time!

I am not very superstitious but since we moved to this house my oldest dog (Yorkie) didn't like it very much and has turned into a very nervous she is on guard most of the time (dogs have more heightened senses than people).

Moan over....pregnant lady with hormones here!

So finally... we found a lovely house, it actually found me! I was fed up of looking, finding something we liked then calling and the people telling me "Sorry no pets" or something else was missing so I placed a free ad on The Gum Tree website saying exactly what we needed and who we were with a pic of my doggies.

I told my husband that I would give it up to God to give us something adequate..."Let them find us", I wasn't expecting it to work so quickly! God works in mysterious ways :)

So a lady emailed me and told me the specifications of the house, the house is hers bought 5 yrs ago and she has been living in it since, she wants to relocate to be close to her family and wants to do so before June! Everything was exactly what we wanted and she was fine with my dogs.

I thought this was too good to be true, I asked her to send some pics but didn't know what to expect...but when I got them... the house was lovely. We made an appointment to o and see the house that evening and it was great! There are a few things that are not perfect but its things we can do ourselves or that they have said they are gonna deal with.

The pic on top is of the open plan kitchen...which by the way I love! It is a little bit over our original monthly budget but I think its worth it. I am really happy about finding the house but everything is rush, rush... I am due about a week and a half after we move...

I have about 17 days to pack and being 35 weeks pregnant I find it very hard to get things done as fast as I want to!

Oh well...I just hope this baby doesn't decide to come out earlier on me!!!!

Thanks for reading! Had to get my stress thoughts out!!!!

Monica xxx

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Winklepots said...

Congrats on finding a house, Monica! It sucks to be preggers and moving, but you'll do it and be so happy when your little girl is born and you can take her home to your brand new house. It's probably harder to move with a newborn anyway.
Hang in there! :o)

Monica said...

Thanks....I need the support! I last moved when my son was 4 months and it didn't seem as stressful as this time! I just get frustrated not being able to do as much as I want too!!!!!

I get told off by my hubby regularly for working too hard as he doesn't want the baby to come early!!!

Monica xxx

babalisme said...

I remember when I was pregnant, I too had to follow my husband from town to town on a business trip, not exactly moving, but living in a hotel to another is pretty exhausting too (not to mention the back pain in every car ride). But winklepots right, it's harder to move with a newborn, a baby is always better in our belly at times like this :)

SweetPeaknits said...

Congrats on finding a house. Hope the move goes well.

35 Weeks Pregnant said...

Are you happy with your new house? hope you will happy with that.. as well how is your baby..

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