Friday, 12 June 2009

40+ Weeks Baby now overdue!!!

It has been a while since I posted... which is highly unusual for me.

As you noticed I announced we found a house and were moving and we managed to do it approx 2 weeks ago... yep, I moved at 38 weeks pregnant... it was a nightmare and I would NOT recommend it to anyone!

Fortunately for us baby Miley did not come out while we were moving but she is just as stubborn as mummy and is driving us nuts because now she doesn't want to come out!

We have managed to get rid of a lot of boxes and the kids room is sorted out nicely, everything ready for the, its just waiting for her!

I have tried lots of old wives tales to get labour induced... spicy food, plenty of walking, massage, nookee nookee ;), Rasperry Leaf Tea / Capsules, praying and nothing has worked so far.

She keeps on threatening with plenty of contractions etc but no sign of her yet!

I apologise for putting everything else on hold but its been hectic and stressful around here... I will let you all know when she decides to make an appearance!

Enjoy the weather!

Monica xx

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