Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Funny Banana - Mother & Baby Mega Give Away

Funny Banana joins our Mega Give Away with a T-Shopper!

The T-Shopper is the Ultimate Recycled Shopping Bag that everyone is talking about.

With plastic bags being an endangered species, we try to find more and more solutions... Re-usable bags?!! Yes!!! But at what cost?!

T-Shoppers were once a Top, a T-shirt, a cardigan, a hoody, a vest or any garment that we once wore as a top, they are then being reinvented in to something useful that helps the environment twice, by not using a plastic bag, and not disposing of a garment."

T-Shopper design in give away may vary from picture.

I have several of these bags myself and I can seriously vouch for them, the cashiers always comment on them! They are seriously sturdy and fit a lot of volume in them. You will be surprised!

You can buy them here for seriously good value! You can even buy them in multipacks and save even more!

Visit their website www.funnybanana.co.uk
Mother & Baby Mega Give Away is due to start soon, for now we are just announcing all the goodies that are up for grabs and getting everyone excited!

See what the give away is all about
here and scroll down this page to see all the amazing prizes to be won! Keep an eye on us, you wont be dissapointed I promise! Monica xxx
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