Thursday, 5 November 2009

My Babe in Pink Fairy Cake!

I got a package in the post last week with Baby M's new hat & scarf, I was absolutely delighted when I opened it and the set looked sooo cute!

I didn't know what colour I would be getting and was hoping it wasn't pink! I'm not sure what to call this color but it's just perfect and goes with most of her clothes.

When I tried it on her was stunning, the set and my baby girl! ;) hehehe

"Where did you get them?!?" I hear you say... from The Pink Fairy Cake! You can find her on Misi & Etsy, don't forget to tell her we sent you!

She is also one of the contributors of our Mother & Baby MEGA Give Away! ;)

Monica x


Baby Not Included said...

She looks absolutely adorable x

becky said...

So cute!

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