Thursday, 10 December 2009

My Funny Bunny - Mother & Baby Mega Give Away!

Ok, so its my turn... couldn't let everyone else steal the show! hehehe

So here is a heirloom for a lucky winner "My Cloth Bear" rrp £30

He is really cute for the nursery & sits up so you can put him on the shelf!

Now I will tell you a little secret... not been launched yet cause we are still busy with it but fully functional is our new shop!

Yes! We are busy with our very own online boutique where you can go My Funny Bunny Mad!!!

You can visit us here even while we are busy with it!

Don't forget to Subscribe to our emails over there --->
and we will let you know when it launches...;) with a special launch offer of course!

To enter our amazing mega give away just click on the moving image on the top right of the blog!
Monica xx

1 comment:

Becky said...

Love love love the cloth bear :)

becky (babybudgteing)

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