Tuesday, 8 December 2009

One super cute happy Pirate!

Evan modelling her @MyFunnyBunny pirate hat and scarf. on Twitpic
Let me introduce you to one of my little customers... her name is Evan!
She loves anything piratey!
Her mummy asked me to make her a hat & scarf set in some cute colors she picked herself
I posted it off hoping she would like it, not expecting to hear much back until after christmas as it was supposed to be a stocking filler.
Well... I guess her mummy was itching to see her little doll's expression!
I got a tweet saying she got it in the post & shortly after another tweet with Evan wearing it!!!!
Evan was sooo pleased with her pirate hat & scarf!
That is what makes me love my job! The satisfaction of the product being finished is great but the smile on the kids faces when they get it is what I work hard for!
It makes my heart smile! Lol
Thanks Evan! I hope you have a fun Christmas with lots more pressies!!!
Monica xxx
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