Monday, 4 January 2010

Christmas 2009 a time of happiness & sadness

Christmas 2009 was very mixed up for us here at My Funny Bunny Towers, we had a christening, a passing and Christmas celebrations.

First was my baby girl's christening or blessing as we call it in our church.
It was a time of much excitement and planning, we made it so close to Christmas as my grandparents were due to be here on holiday then, it was important for them to be present at this event, specially because they were not able to be there when my first was blessed.

We planned everything and it went lovely, from Mylie's dress down to the cupcakes, everything went right and everything was beautiful. I was worried everything was gonna be terrible as we were terribly low on cash but luckily my husband got an unexpected tip at work so we just made it!

First the dress that I bought for little Mylie arrived but it was damaged so it had to go back, luckily so resourceful that I am I had bought 2 dresses and the "back up" dress was lovely & it turned out to be even lovelier than it showed on the internet! It is a silk Monsoon cream dress that had some pink & cream flowers "embroidered" with ribbon on the chest and bottom of the skirt. It was beautiful and my little girl looked stunning!

I also wanted to have cupcakes instead of a cake to celebrate, again I felt so devastated cause before that tip my husband got at work I couldn't even buy a cake that day let alone cupcakes! I had money coming into my bank account the day after the christening, what good was that?!

But as God works in mysterious way I was able to get something for my little girl! I looked around for cupcakes but they were either not what I wanted, expensive, too far to collect or couldn't be made in time! So I though to myself "Why the heck am I being so lazy?! If others can do it, so can I!!!" I then went in search for all the bits I needed, bought them and though "I have only one shot, the Christening is tomorrow... God help me!"

So I made the chocolate cupcakes, using my moist chocolate cake recipe and they came out great! After that was what I thought to be the hard part... the buttercream icing and making my icing butterflies with glitter... as it turns out I have quite a flair for cupcake decorating!

The end product was what you see on the picture above, I made 25 muffin sized cupcakes, I did go to bed at 4am so obviously the cupcakes looked better than I did the next morning! Lol

We had a great time that day with our family and friends, we had lunch at a great Chinese buffet restaurant in front of Stratford Picture House in London. At the end of the meal I gave everyone a cupcake to enjoy and everyone loved them!!!

I was over the moon at how the day ended and everyone had a great time.

Unfortunately a week later my hubby's grandma passed away, she was a very kind & gentle person which we love dearly, she lives on in our hearts forever.

A week after that was Christmas, which was specially hard on my husband, after what had just happened we were still grieving.
He was very home sick wanting to be with his family, unfortunately we couldn't go visit them as we didn't have the funds for us to go to South Africa.

We are still very sad that our dear Ouma Bokkie has passed away, we are dealing with it, but she was very frail and I believe that now she is at rest and she is looking after us and our little ones from above.

Rest in Peace Susanna Strydom "Ouma Bokkie" 31 Dec 1929 - 16 Dec 09
An angel on earth, now an angel in heaven.
We love you forever, and forever you are in our hearts.

Monica xx

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Sandy Calico said...

So sorry for your loss x

Those cupcakes look gorgeous - well done!

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