Monday, 22 February 2010

There is a Plan B

Tonight, by chance I stumbled across Plan B's Blog, the 1st post I read brought tears to my eyes...
People sometimes don't agree with mummies staying at home, some think we are lazy, some think we are crazy.

I think its a personal decision, some mummies prefer to have a bit more independence & money, some have no choice at all, I personally choose to dedicate myself to my kids, be hands on, yes I do miss the "mates" at the office, the laughs we had and having my "own money" but I have so much more... I have laughs with my kids, I teach them everything they know, I help them become who they are gonna be and I have never missed a single moment of anything... their first smile, laugh, crawl, step and so much more!

Both my kids have been with me 24/7 since they were born, until recently that my boy started pre-school (starting school this year...oh the pain!!!!), sometimes my mum nags me because of the way I am so attached to my kids but the truth is... I don't want to miss anything!

Anyway, Plan B put it just the way I would have put it if I could actually write properly!
The reason why some of us decide to stay at home to look after our babies (as they will forever be to us!), what we think & some of the issues we have come across...

Beautifully written for her children: A letter of resignation

It was a pleasure reading it

Monica x

1 comment:

planb said...

Wow! That Plan B woman is a genius... Seriously though, thank you so much for this. Feel very proud and honoured.

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