Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Gay Chicken (Frango a Paneleiro) Recipe

Portuguese recipe - Frango á Paneleiro
Frango a paneleiro / Gay Chicken after cooked & cut in half

Serves 4 regular portions (1/4 chicken each portion)
Serves 2 large portions (Big eaters - 1/2 chicken each portion)
(please note this can only be done with whole chickens, it will not work with half chickens)


1 Small Chicken
1 Lemon
Salt, (table or sea salt) to taste
Ground Black Pepper or Piri-Piri to taste
Margarine - 1 level table spoon
Olive Oil - 2 level table spoons
Lard - 1 level table spoon
1 Bay leaf
1 Garlic head or 1 level table spoon of garlic paste (paste works better)
1 Onion - medium sized
Coriander - a few stems
Parsley - a few stems
Paprika - 2 tea spoons
Beer/White wine - 1 Mug
No sparkly wines or sweet wines to be used, the same goes for non alcoholic, as it will leave a sweet unpleasant taste to it. (please note the alcohol will evaporate as it cooks so it should not interfere with any religious beliefs, however if need be it can be replaced with water,  but it will not be as tasty!!)
Equipment needed:
Oven tray - Should be as small as possible according to amount of chicken.
Kitchen Foil

Pre-heat oven on full blast

Wash and prepare the chicken by getting rid of excess fat, feathers etc. Wash the inside of the chicken well.

Wash the lemon, bay leave, herbs, peeled onion and garlic (if whole, not paste! lol).

Leave the herbs whole
Chop the onion in medium chunks
Chop the garlic in tiny sticks
Break the bay leaf
Stab the lemon all around with a fork.

In the tray rub the salt, Pepper/Piri-Piri, Bay leave, Paprika, Herbs, and garlic on the chicken. Massage, massage, massage, first outside then inside the chicken, the longer you massage it on the chicken, the tastier it will be (hence the name).

Place the chicken breast facing upwards in the middle of the tray, stick the stabbed lemon in its rear end, (stuffed inside chicken), spread the onion around it, pour the beer or white wine over it. Cover with kitchen foil.

Cook in the oven, (middle shelf), covered with the foil in full Blast for 30 minutes, (double for 2 chickens or large chicken), Check, pour sauce over it, turn it breasts down, cover it again, (fan assisted ovens take away 10 minutes per stage or more depending how strong is your oven), put it back in the oven, now we only need it at 3/4 not full blast. Wait another 30 minutes.

Halfway through cooking - Doubled recipe
Uncover it, turn it breast up again, it should be cooked by now, check for blood near bone, if no bloody fluids, then it's cooked. Put it back in the oven (uncovered) on full blast again, for 15 minutes, just to get tanned to taste, you may find that you like it lighter therefore 15 minutes will be too much.

Remove lemon before serving. Do not leave it on the tray or break off while taking it out, as it will turn everything very bitter.

Serve with white rice with butter and chips, and/or salad.


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