Wednesday, 24 March 2010

We are now on Folksy!

Back from holidays in sunny South Africa, had a fabulous time thanks to the generosity & hard work of my amazing mother in law! I will tell you all about it sometime soon I promise!

Anyways, very exciting news for all Folksy folks, we are now on Folksy too! For those of you who don't know, Folksy is a UK based shopping platform where you can buy all things handmade!

We have had an empty shop on there for a long time just to save our name so no one used it but today I decided to fill it up with some of our stuff & see what happens! There is already lots of views and a few people who <3 us on there and we haven't even reached 24 hours yet, so far so good.

Of course you can always go to our website to purchase our goodies where you get FREE POSTAGE when you spend over £30!!

If you are on Folksy don't forget to say hello!

Monica xxx

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