Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Looking for a new pet?

Hi everyone,

Just over Christmas our pet rabbit passed away, a very sad time for us. The only good thing that came out of it was that my little boy learned about death & what happens, needless to say that was an experience in itself!
I think I cried more than the kid, but please don't tell anyone as I would be totally embarrassed!

Anyway, Mr Bunny's cage has been standing in the garden for quite some time, but finally put up his cage on freecycle so someone else could put it to good use. I had a shelter come and pick it up yesterday.

I appreciate their work and would like to introduce you to them...

If you are in the Essex (UK) area and would like a new pet why not adopt?

These animals have been left behind because their owners got bored or were no longer able to look after them and after all a pet is not just for Christmas!!

Visit http://www.hnpaws.co.uk/ and have a look at what little animals are looking for a loving home.

Hope you find yourself a perfect mate!

Monica xx

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