Thursday, 2 September 2010

BABYGROWERS Discount Card has launched!

Save Money not Points! 

Launched yesterday, on the 1st September 2010 is a new discount card ( which has been especially created for new and expecting parents!

The team behind Babygrower’s Discount Card are all parents themselves and know the cost of raising little ones is high, whether you are on a budget or not.

With this in mind they have created a unique partnership with a range of high street companies (Sainsburys, Aviva and Butlins) as well as smaller individual companies (My Funny Bunny, My Munchkin, Baby Not Included, DaisychainBaby and Green Baby to name a few) to offer you a range of discounts, which include:  home/car insurance, groceries, holidays, maternity necessities, pushchairs, car seats, nursery furniture and much more.

Check out the new Babygrowers Posterous Blog here for more information on our discount partners and topical information.

The cost of the card is only £14.99 and for most people this amount spent will be far less than their actual savings in their first month of use will be far less than their actual savings in their first month of use or in many cases, their first purchase!  

For every card sold, £1 will be donated to your selected charity, at time of registering.

Babygrowers are committed to saving you money not just points!

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