Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Back to preschool

Going to prechool on a winter day
Last week my son was supposed to go back to school, he goes to Preschool three 5 hour days a week.

I phoned up the school to check if they were open and Mrs B told me that there had been a leak and there was water coming from the ceiling through the light fittings, obviously they had to close the preschool and she told me if all goes well they should be open this week.

I love my son dearly but I treasure the time he is at preschool to spend with my baby girl, do chores and get some work done in peace while knowing that my son is having fun and learning.

Today I phoned in the morning and they told me that they are open, I took my little boy in and he was very excited and went in straight away telling one of the girls what he had done over the holidays.

As is was walking home I felt so excited that I had some time for myself with baby girl and to get some stuff done :D

I also remembered the time before my son was 4 years old, I would see other mums excited about their kids going back to school and think "OMG! Why are they so eager to see the back of their kids???!!! I will never be like that!" but now I get it. 

It's not any less love we have for our kids, it's the fact that we spend all of our time with them, entertaining, teaching, loving and taking care of them and guess what? ... They still get bored, and when they do... they get mischievous!! 

Let's face it, you need some time to unwind too (even if it is working and not actually relaxing!) and they need some time to themselves too. It's a fact. When my son comes from school he is excited to tell me about his day at school and he eats better too (he is a very fussy eater).

So yes, I love my son to death but I am glad he goes to preschool. 

I'm sorry for "judging" other mummies out there before I had actually gone through it.

Monica xxx

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ebabeelikes said...

Agree completely - always good to have a bit of time apart.

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