Thursday, 16 September 2010

Conifer Care - Service Review

Knowing how important it is to find reliable people to do certain jobs here you have it.....
I met this wonderful couple by chance while they were chopping down  some conifers at my neighbours garden.  I had asked the neighbours for the stomps, as my husband planned to carved them, so I wanted to make sure they weren't going anywhere. I approached them and explained what was what.  We immediately clicked, they were a lovely joyful couple,  and I mean couple.  They run a family business and she is very tough and hard working, (only stopping briefly to chat while her husband assisted me).
Well!! They do Nationwide Conifer Care, Yep!! That is nationwide... Meaning anywhere you are in UK, they can be there for you.  

I saw them working with state of the art equipment,  and also discovered they had 3 jobs to do just around my neighbourhood.  Chopping down those conifers to a neighbour, trimming the hedge to another and also chopping down a dying Apple Tree.  How do I know this?  No, not because I go around my neighbours finding out about their lives, but because this kind gentleman knowing I loved the  stomps came back to tell me I could go a collect the stomps from the Apple Tree from the next neighbour.  That was jolly good of them!!
Now, I ended up speaking to all the involved neighbours, (who had just used them), and they all seemed very happy that they left the place very neat and clean, they were quick, (Yes they were!! I saw them working), very jolly and friendly, and best of all  the prices very competitive.
In the end I discovered they are not on the web yet unfortunately.  Well for a job, (3 at least), well done, they deserve some thumbs up, so here is my review.
They cover the whole of England but mainly Essex, London & Kent.
They do  Lopping; Topping; Pruning; Crown Reductions; Crown Thinning; Pollarding, Hedges Trimming and Removal
They will deal with Birches; Ash; Elm; Oak, Apple etc.
Free estimate too :)
Give them a go, I am sure you will not regret it.
Guest post by Mrs F of Funny Banana

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