Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Is ur child a budding comedian?


Is your son is a budding comedian? Forever cracking jokes that have the whole family in stitches? Then this could be their big break! Toxic, the fun-filled magazine for boys aged 7-12, is launching a brand new campaign to find the UK’s Best Joke Ever.

The competition, launched in 8th September issue, will be judged by an expert ‘funny’ panel including top children’s comedian, James Campbell and the Toxic editorial team. To enter, boys simply need to select their favourite joke and send it to Toxic (239 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6SA) or enter online at . The ultimate winner will have the chance to be a stand-up comedian for the day in James Campbell’s Comedy Academy 4 Kids and see their joke in print in a dedicated issue of Toxic magazine!

The Toxic Teams says, “Our readers are huge fans of jokes and laugh-out-loud funny stuff and we wanted to give them the opportunity to share their favourite one-liners, knock-knock jokes and other classics. The funniest gags will be printed in a future issue of Toxic magazine. Who knows, we may discover the next Harry Hill, Richard Hammond or Dick and Dom..!

For even more laughter, pick up a copy of Toxic’s Jokes Special issue (RRP £2.60, available from all good newsagents and supermarkets), on sale 8th September. It’s packed full of crazy comics, silly celebs, funny video games, competitions and a free funny jokes pack to get boys laughing.

For inspiration, the Toxic ‘Funny Panel’ has compiled their top tips for telling jokes to get boys thinking and encourage them to get involved:

1. Know your joke!
Memorise the joke you’re going to tell and practise saying it a few times.

2. Pick out the funny bits!
Decide which words are the funniest and emphasise those when you tell the joke.

3. Get the timing right!
Leave a gap between the start of the joke and the punch line to build up anticipation and make it funnier.

4. Choose a funny joke!
If the joke doesn’t make you laugh then it won’t make your audience laugh. Pick one that’s a real side splitter!
5. What are your top tips on telling a funny story?
- The best stories are true and have happened to you. Then you just need to stretch them a little bit. Keep it real!
- It’s also important to spend a long time daydreaming. Turn the TV off and let your mind wander.

6. What are your top tips on performing on stage?
It’s best to relax and let go. If you’ve rehearsed it then you just have to relax and let it happen.

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