Thursday, 14 October 2010

Quinny Disaster!

Today I had the fright of my life... literally!!!

This morning as I was taking my Funny Bunny to pre-school I got stopped by a lady inviting me to go to a mother and toddler group as it was there launch day and it was free. I agreed to come back after I dropped Funny Bunny off.

I was walking back from the pre-school, pushing Boo Boo in the Quinny Zapp Xtra, I was all excited to go to the mother & toddler group (I don't normally have time to go to these things and all of them are quite far for me to walk :( ) as Boo Boo has never been to one.

So here I was in my own little world imagining my little girl playing with all the toys, socialising with toddlers her age... when BUMP & CRASH... I flew sideways and took the pushchair along with me!!!!

I was horrified like any mother would be, my Boo Boo was on the floor too!! Sideways we both fell, luckily the straps kept her firmly in place and I had the reflex as soon as I fell to keep the pushchair as far up as I could... the only thing that got harmed on her was her jacket... phew... now that is going in the wash and I am sure it will come out nice and clean again.

But my heart was beating so hard... what actually happened was, as I was plodding along, not fast but with a bit of momentum, I didn't see a small whole on the road (they are doing building works in the area) and the small Quinny front wheel got stuck on it and as it only has 3 wheels I went flying forward but off to the left if that makes sense.

I checked if Boo Boo was alright and wizzed off again in total embarrassment as the builders were standing right behind us when this happened!

Now that I look back though I think what silly men... saw me fall over with the baby in the pram and not one came to see if we were alright!!! Feminism aside, forget about gender but if I saw anyone, man or woman, falling over with a baby and the pram turning over I would run to help or ask if they were ok!!!

Wouldn't you?

Monica x

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