Sunday, 12 December 2010

Compact Baby Changing Solutions

Busy mums on the move will love the handy baby changing solutions offered by Koo-di, including the latest®, which carries all of baby's changing essentials in one compact case and can conveniently be popped into a handbag.

Complete with a wipe clean changing mat which folds into its storage compartment; a built in refillable wipes container which can be accessed from the outside for sticky fingers and inside for nappy changing; plus room for two small nappies and a tube of cream, mums have everything they need for that emergency nappy change, without needing to lug around a huge changing bag.

The colourful, trendy® is made from durable polypropylene plastic which ensures it holds its compact shape even when fully packed and a flexible arm within holds everything snugly into place.
So whether you are popping out to the shops or on an outing to visit friends, pop your® into your bag or glove compartment and you can relax and know you are prepared for every eventuality.

With slightly more room, but still compact and ideal for travelling is the Koo-di Handy Changer which fits everything little one will need on a journey including nappies, bibs and a change of clothes.
Mums will love the cheerful polka-dot design of this bag plus the two removable matching pouch pockets (great for cotton wool and creams). It also includes an elasticated strap to hold bottles or food jars in place as well as a large wipe clean changing mat.

Koo-di Handy Changer fits under your pushchair!

Ideal for almost every occasion, the Handy Changer is extremely versatile and can double up as a baby toiletry bag!

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