Monday, 31 January 2011

Lifft Baby Sling Review

Cocoa & Coral Lifft Sling
I received my Lifft Sling to review and was really excited, it looks gorgeous, the colours are really nice, the fabric is soft and it looks really comfortable.

I then had to work out how to put it on, which I managed with guidance from their web page. The difficult part was getting my daughter into it, I followed the instructions to do a front lift and tried with a teddy bear first, but however I did it, I felt like I was squishing her in and she wasn’t too impressed about being in there.

I persevered with the front lift and did manage to carry her around and she fell asleep in there but I couldn’t get my head round her being squished. So the next time I used it I tried the little Buddha lift (from 3 months only), which is fairly complex in terms of getting the baby in there and I had to lift my baby quite high in order to slide her in but she seemed much happier peeking out of the sling and enjoyed it for longer. She wouldn’t stay in there for more than half an hour before getting a bit fretful, I don’t know if it is because she doesn’t like sitting cross legged for too long?

Whilst she would sit in it, the sling was comfortable and distributed the weight evenly, I didn’t have back ache at all and it enabled me to get on with things around the house whilst she was still close.

I think my Lifft sling will come in most handy when my daughter is 6 months old and I can do the side lift, where the baby is sat on your hip but the weight is distributed more and you have more support, I am looking forward to trying this position and think it will be the most successful.

I want to love this sling as it looks stunning but I have personally had a few issues with getting my daughter into it, at the moment she prefers her standard front carrier and will be happy in that walking round town in and out of shops for a few hours. Also with a standard carrier you can swap it over with someone else, with the Lifft Sling, you order it in your dress size and my husband isn’t a size 10 so he can’t carry her around at all.

As I’ve mentioned I think it will be invaluable from 6 months, I will update you on my progress and let you know what she thinks of the side lift!

Emily x

A little bit about Lifft Slings:
Your little one is carried at your centre of gravity and encourages you to stand up straight. The hip carrying position means you no longer need to 'kick' out hips to support toddlers and instead their weight is spread comfortably across your hip, shoulder and back. This means it also doesn't place any pressure on a baby's developing spine, keeping them in the recommended carrying position.

Easy to put on with no buckles clips or straps to do up, meaning the sling can be used without help and be put on with just one hand -  also allowing for fuss-free and discreet breastfeeding.
The perfect fit...
The fit of a baby sling is crucial to protect both your posture and your baby's, so is available in a multitude of sizes and styles, for both mums and dads shape. The Lifft™ sling comes in a variety of sizes from 6 to 22 for ladies, or S, M & L for men and is sized to fit the wearer. Particular sizes can also be made specifically for you and your individual shape and size.            

The sling is machine washable, made in the UK and folds down to the size of a nappy - perfect for squeezing in when you're on the run.
Lifft™ sling £49.99 also available in other colourways from

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