Thursday, 27 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award - 7 things you didn't know about me...

My new friend Carolin of Mummy Alarm and my long time friend Gauri of Blessing Tree have tagged me in the Stylish Blogger Award which is great but it means I have to tell you 7 things you didn't know about me...

I really had to think about this and it was actually quite hard. So here goes my attempt!

1. When I was three years old I was having fun on a cotton reel display watching all the reels fall down when I took one from the bottom, problem was I couldn't put them back in through the top as I didn't reach. Resulting in me putting them in my jacket pockets (unfortunately I had rather big pockets), when I got home, my nan found them in my pockets and made me go back and apologize to the shop owner.
I didn't know I was stealing until my nan explained when we got home... apologizing to the store owner was probably my most embarrassing moment ever.

2. I secretly dream about owning a country house with a pretty country cream kitchen, where I wear a pretty apron I made myself and I bake cakes all the time... those of you who know me will think this is totally unlike me!

3. I wanted to home school my kids but unfortunately have no time and thought they will miss out on socializing and other things school can offer, but I certainly would like to nurture and teach them all I can all the time.

4.  I was a really good singer when I was younger, now I am out of practice I believe I sound like a howling dog in pain.

5. Marmite = Hate it, Vegemite = Never tried it

6. I absolutely love potatoes and this, I could probably live on those things!!!

7. I am very very impatient, it's annoying...specially to me!

Now I have to nominate 15 blogs.... that is a lot! Then they have to do the same as above and nominate other peeps too!

1. New but cool blog by @ChicUniqueUK Http://

2. Rosa Pomar at , this is a very cool blog with all kinds of cool crafty stuff and translated the title means "The Pink Pea" how can you not love that?! Click on the english tab at the top to read in english :)

3. The really cool family blog over at , the baby blogs, the mummy blogs and the kids blog... loads of pictures = super cool blog!

4. Kathryn is great writer and a great lady, lovely blog...

5. A blog of a successful small business that started at home... very cool stuff!

6. A felt artist blog... simply love her birdies...

7. A blog with some cool posts and wicked give aways

8. Insomniac mummy - interesting stuff... but you really have to stop over for her "Hot or Not?" posts... *drools*

9. Musings of a mummy... an interesting blog... and she has a baby on the way! Awwww!

10. Fun foodie blog of a mummy

11. Miss Lizzie B is a funny gal, trust me I've met her!

12. Fellow mummy blogger and Quinny Caster Emma over at

13. Great blog a first time mummy

14. A mummy trying to juggle her many "hats"

15. An american mum in Glasgow

Phew! Thats it... many more people I would like to tag but I think this list is long enough! Now all you bloggers have to do the same! ;)

Monica x


Gauri said...

Awesome! Thanks for playing and I laughed hard at the whole steeling the reels thing (sorry).


missielizzie said...

I hope you mean funny Haha, not funny peculiar!!

Great list - don't we all secretly have that dream. I can see myself flouncing around a huge kitchen popping cakes in the Aga! Dream on Lizzie!

Here's my list:

Thanks for the tag x

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