Monday, 10 January 2011

Which of the seven deadly sins is gonna be your doom?

After reading Slummy Single Mummy's blog on the quiz she took, I was far too curious to just close the page and get on with my work, yes bookkeeping is far too boring so I decided to have a teeny weeny break and do the quiz...

Here's my score:

Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low

So yes, obviously I have some bits to work on,
apparently I am greedy and a glutton... may it have anything to do with me having sweets after the kids go to bed?!? Well my view on that is if they don't see it then they don't mess up their teeth... mmmm... I am sure that is a perfectly good excuse isn't it? Don't all good parents do that?! hehehe

I guess there is a bit of sloth going on because I was taking the quiz instead of actually doing my work!! Hey but I have worked very hard today!

So there, I am mostly a goody two shoes ;)

Now take the test and tell me what you got!! If your brave enough that is! hehe

Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Monica x

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