Sunday, 6 February 2011

Born Free Coolflow Soother Review

My little girl had taken to sucking her thumb to comfort herself – she was even sucking it on my scan picture! We decided to use soothers as we have seen the damage thumb sucking can do to a childs teeth and as my partner always says “You can take away a dummy, but you can’t take away a thumb”.

I was asked to review these soothers, which I was really pleased about as I was using another leading brand and my baby wasn’t able to hold them in her mouth properly making her more frustrated rather than soothing her. When I switched to Born Free at 2 weeks old, she took to it straight away and held it in her mouth a lot better.

I like the shape of the soother it looks like my baby is comfortable and it doesn’t come too close to her nose like others do. Another bonus is that there is no ‘right way up’ for the soother like there is with others, making it easy to pop in a frustrated babies mouth rather than faffing around working out which way up it goes.

When I met up with other mums who have babies of a similar age they were all envious of the soother and asked what brand it was as they had similar problems with the ones they were using not staying in the baby’s mouth and were getting annoyed with having to put it in a certain way up.

The colours of the soothers (purple and green) are very bright, which I was a little put off by at first but having used them have come to like the fact that if they do fall out into her rocker or moses basket I can find them quickly and easily unlike the transparent ones I was using previously.

They come with a little cap that fits over the teat of the soother so you can carry them around easily and hygienically.

The soothers are also BPA, PVC and Phthalates free and are sold as being orthodontic which is a must in my eyes.

Overall I would recommend the Born Free Coolflow Soothers, they tick all the boxes are good value for money and I will be purchasing another pack and ditching the other brand I previously used.

Emily x

BornFree™ CoolFlow Soother / Dummy / Pacifier Information:
An orthodontic silicone soother with a rounded cherry shaped teat. 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC, this innovative BornFree™ soother features a breathable shield with extra large air holes to reduce moisture around the mouth and, raised soft edges to protect sensitive skin.  Supplied with a hygienic snap-on cap, simply pop over the teat to keep clean.

Available Stages
Stage 1: 0-6 months
Stage 2: 6 months +
Twin pack £5.50 from

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