Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Special Boy Boosters

A few minutes ago I was in the kitchen cleaning up and as it is half term the kids are full of energy and driving me absolutely bonkers!

So as great as I am at multi tasking I am busy arbitrating my daughter and sons racing... one is almost 20 months and the other is almost 5 years old.

Here I am saying "Ready, Steady, GO!"  a thousand times while my kids basically run up and down the sitting room and kitchen racing.

On the last race of the evening my son reaches the winning post first and rips out a massive bum burp... yep a fart!! I looked at him in amazement and with a smile on my face and said "What was that?!?" to which my son replied " That was my booster! A special fart booster for racing!"

I wish everyone had an imagination and sense of humour like him!

Boys... typical!

Monica x

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