Thursday, 7 April 2011

Freecom Mobile Drive Mg U&F for Mac

Freecom has been striving to create innovative and professional digital storage devices since 1989. All of their products are designed, engineered and certified in Germany according to the highest quality standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. They have just recently launched the worlds thinnest mobile hard drive.

These thin magnesium beauties will be exclusively for Macs and will be available trough Apple Premium Resellers.

Available in three different capacities and connection options:
-320GB (10mm in height with a slim line 7mm hard drive inside, USB 3.0). RRP £69.99
-750GB (with USB 3.0). RRP £99.99
-750GB (with USB 3.0 and FireWire. 12mm in height). RRP £119.99

All the drives will feature the latest USB 3.0 interface standard, which offers rapid data transfer speeds of approximately 5000Mbit/s and the FireWire unit will transfer at maximum of 800Mbit/s. Ideal for both home and professional users who want to transfer large files quickly and carry their data on the move. The last on the list will have the addition of FireWire 800 technology. All drives are Mac formatted and 100% Time Machine compatible to make setup even easier for the user. Simply plug it into USB port and back up your data.

There is also no need to carry around a  bulky power adaptor as these units are powered by a USB port.
On the power consumption side the unit switches off while not in use for a while. The unit is kept cool in the Magnesium enclosure and don't have any noisy fan to spoil the look.

Gadget Dad Verdict:

It is always difficult to find a perfect matching external hard drive for the beautifully crafted Mac products that is made of aluminium. For a while now I have been looking around for a worthy companion to complement my iMac. I got my hands on the Freecom Mobile Drive Mg for the Mac and must say, this looks absolutely stunning next to the iMac.

The packaging was almost the sort of Apple like packaging you would get and say to yourself, wow all is included and no space was wasted. It arrived in a sleek see trough perspex container and inside the package was the USB power cable, USB 3.0 cable and the FireWire cable.
Setup was just a matter of plugging the unit in as Freecom already formatted it for the Mac.

Once up and running there was no sound to annoy you from the fan like some other external hard drives as the unit is being kept cool by the magnesium enclosure. When the unit is in its powered up state and in use there is a tiny blue light at the back that matches the light  on your Mac when a application is open. It is tiny little details like this that shows that Freecom really put a lot of thought into this product. Truly well engineered and if you have a look at the picture I took of it underneath my iMac it shouts out "made for each other!"

Backing up was very fast with FireWire and made backing up with Time Machine a breeze. This is a product that I would recommend to any Mac user and I am sure it will look just as good with the Macbook Air and Macbook.


  • Sleek and stylish magnesium enclosure
  • Comes with all the cables needed
  • Super quiet and power saving
  • No need for bulky power supply

  • Only con with this was not finding any cons!!
Rating: 10/10

Till next time
Gadget Dad

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