Friday, 15 April 2011

How did THAT happen?

In November last year I had this:
Now, four and a half months later, Ihave this:
A joke clearly? How can he have gonefrom this small to ------- THIS BIG----------- in such a smallamount of time! And he has changed so much! His personality is reallybeginning to shine through now (he is a real giggle-pot and I have nodoubt will be a real monkey). What I realised the other day is that Ihave (fortunately) hundreds of photo of Taylor which document thischange. Unfortunately they are all digital. The only place I have him“up” is as part of a collage I did with Photobox recently.

Time to get my finger out I think andget some printed up. My printer has had it and the price of ink &photographic paper frightens the life out of me so I am going downthe “someone else can do it for me route”. I’m looking now atSnapfish, Photobox and the like to help me get my son’s firstmonths printed up and properly “documented”. Did you know thatwhen you sign up for many of these free photo developing sites youget 40-50 prints for free? They are only bog standard sizes but wellworth it!!

That is my mission for the next fewweeks – getting my photos organised, which I suspect will be amammoth task, as it’s not just the ones of Taylor but also ofKieran. I am constantly snapping him with something he has made or ina costume for school etc.
How do you all manage your pics andwhere do you store them? I’m tinkering with the idea of Flickr tohouse them unless anyone knows of anything better. Any ideas will beMUCH appreciated!! I should know how fast it goes, after all, I’vedone this before, but I don’t think any of us are prepared for howquickly our babies change and grow!

Niki x

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Crystal Jigsaw said...

Oooh, you definitely need to put these in a book or some sort of album. There's many online sites where you can publish them and then get friends and family to buy a copy!!

Gorgeous photos by the way. And they grow up way too fast!

CJ xx

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