Sunday, 8 May 2011

Do you love the circus?

I love the circus, I have since I was a child... it was my favourite place to go.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful sparkly costumes, the amazing acrobats and the funny clowns.

I also loved the animals, I believed that the animals were so smart and wonderful doing their shows but that changed when I grew up and realized that the animals didn't want to be chained up and displayed for our pleasure. I am sure that there are nice handlers that teach the animals tricks by reward but I bet most are cruel on the animal if they don't get their way.

One thing is for sure, I had no idea that people could be so cruel, just out of nothing turn around and beat an animal, how disgusting of a person can you  be to beat an innocent animal? Without being provoked or it being self defence? That person clearly needs the same treatment themselves!

Here is a video of the treatment of one of the UKs famous circus animals... appalling.

PLEASE DO NOT WATCH WITH YOUNG CHILDREN - may be disturbing for older children.

Annie the elephant has now been moved to Longleat Safari Park.

Now please visit and urgently sign a petition to PUT AN END TO WILD ANIMAL ABUSE IN THE CIRCUS

Its better to watch wild animals in the zoo or the wild, I hope you agree.

Monica x

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