Thursday, 26 May 2011

Graco Fusio Review

The Graco Fusio arrived with us back in March, you can read all about its arrival with detailed pictures here. My kids got very excited when they woke up in the morning and saw it standing there ready for the school run, you would have thought it was Christmas!

It is a nice looking pushchair and very strong and sturdy, it has various reclining positions, you can have the seat facing you or facing forward, and a massive basket too.

An amazing feature is (specially considering that the seat can face either way) it folds up in a similar way to an umbrella folding pushchair, it ends up being quite big when folded but it STANDS ON ITS OWN!

This is a fantastic feature because I am able to keep it on my corridor when not in use and it doesn't bother anyone. One of my previous pushchairs was so big that it had to be kept in the car in the weekend but during the week when I do the school run (which I walk) it had to be kept in the corridor, problem was even when put down you couldn't really go past which was a nightmare.

Another great feature was the fact that the handles can also be swivelled any way you want for comfort, me and my husband had a bit of fun with this as when you swivelled them outwards it felt super comfy but it also felt like you were riding a Harley Davidson! 

It is also very easy to turn the seat around, and recline, some pushchairs can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to reclining, with little bits to pull but this one is easy and I never woke up my daughter when reclining it.

The only things I found a bit hard with the Graco Fusio were the front wheels move 360 degrees and they often get stuck when the wheels are completely forward, its hard to explain what I mean without showing you but I have to lift up the front of the pram quite a few times in one journey for the wheels to swivel back to its original position so I can continue going again.

The other thing was the weight when you push, I am not sure if its due the weight of the actual pushchair ( 6.5kg ) or something to do with the wheels, my husband complained about this but I actually used it to my advantage, I actually lost weight and got fitter, so turned into a plus!

For rrp £299.99 (but we found it for £230 here) this pushchair is suitable from birth as it lays down flat, comes with a comfy newborn liner and an apron. It also comes with its own rain cover and harness protectors.

You can also use the Graco Fusio as travel system by adding Graco's Logico S Deluxe Car Seat and can get accessories to match it or you can add your own too like these fabulous ones here.

The Graco Fusio is a very sturdy and versatile pushchair suitable from birth upwards. There are tons of fabulous features. A bit tough to push but can be used as a fitness aid. The only thing that really let it down were that the wheels can be a bit of a problem as they swivel 360 degrees and can get stuck the other way around.

MFB Rating: 8.5 /10

For full product information and a video on how the Graco Fusio works visit

A great accessory for the Graco Fusio is one of these pushchair curtains for sun protection as I found it very difficult to attach our parasol due to the shape of the frame, and when I eventually got it attached it would fall off after a short while!


Matt said...

Nice little review, am currently trying to decide between the plethora of pushchairs for our 1st baby and as this model was on our raidar it was nice to get a balanced perspective from someone who has used it.

Just one question. You mention it was hard to push. Did you find that it struggled on the rougher terrain, i.e. bumpy footpaths? Am struggling to decide if a model with inflated wheels is needed or not.



M.F.B HQ said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your comment. I have yet to post an update as some things changed.

The hard to push problem on the pram was to do with the wheels BUT it was the "joints" that needed some Teflon Grease which we bought from a bike shop.

Obviously we weren't expecting this problem as the pushchairs was only a month or so old but it looks like they didn't put enough grease in the factory!

Once we used the grease the pushchair was easy to push although its still a bit heavy due to the frame I believe, but I have a much better opinion of it now!

Good Luck with your search, I think the best high end pushchair I have ever had has had to be the Stokke but you need a lot of boot space and space in the house for it... (& money in your pocket!) I even used mine on the beach & snow!

Now as to normal priced pushchair this is a good contender as a pramette.

Best wishes,

M.F.B HQ said...

Sorry forget to mention... this is a good pushchair for the city, I wouldn't take it on rougher terrain though because of the small wheels BUT saying that it actually has good little suspension :)

Best wishes for the new baby :D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, I've been really debating with myself whether to go for the Graco Fusio as it has everything I want, at 6.5kg its lighter than some buggies and it faces both ways. Or the the bugaboo bee and the higher end of pushchairs and it also has everything I want but at a far bigger price tag. I am a bit worried about the Graco being hard to push because my last pushchair did that and I got so fed up of it.

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