Wednesday, 18 May 2011

First Time Mum... Again!!

When Taylor arrived I was convinced I knew what i was doing. After all, it had all been done before hadn’t it? Kieran is nearly five so we’d done all the firsts, weaning, toilet training, the lot. Second time should be a piece of cake right? 

Luckily for me it has been so far. Taylor is a very laid back and contented baby. This is fortunate, because while he is laid back, when it comes to his wellbeing, I am not! I’d forgotten, or subconsciously tucked away the apprehension that comes with introducing a new life into the world. Am I doing it right? It worked with Kieran, maybe it won’t with Taylor? Did Kieran do that? I’m sure he was rolling over by now..... Yes, guilty as charged, I’ve been being a comparer. It’s lethal, and there is absolutely no point to it either as no two children are ever the same.

So now I’ve stopped, I don’t compare progress between the two, I just worry about Taylor in his own right. I’m a fairly laid back parent in most ways, but I don’t think it matters whether you have one child or six, you are always going to worry, always be on the lookout for small signs that all is not well, and never more than you will when they are very little & unable to tell you if things are as they should be!

I’m more confident in all the stages I’ve encountered before, I do things automatically, it’s a practiced art, but to be honest – the only significant difference between myself now and myself as a mum to a new baby nearly five years ago..? I read less books about parenting now, I just get on with it!

Are we all the same? Or am I just getting soft? Have you found that you worry less with child 2+ or like me, are you still in constant watch mode?



The undomesticated scientist said...

congrats, he looks such a sweet little chap. I found i was more confident at somethings with my second but just as rubbish with others. i was no good at weaning either time! i didn't get on well with spooning in mush and although it feels like forever its over quickly so i'd forgotten it all when number 2 needed it! they are so very different and thats why we love them!

Nicki Cawood said...

Thanks for reading and replying!
I'm very lucky (and know it) as both mine are very laid back, and it seems like Taylor will be the same as his big brother (fingers crossed) when it comes to the "firsts" but for me, it's the worry! In fact, I think I worry MORE about my second than the first.
Maybe I just drink too much coffee nowadays? :p

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