Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Brain Boosters (Omega 3) Review

Brain Boosters are little capsules of orange fruit bursts, packed full of Omega 3 providing concentrated levels of essential fatty acids DHA and EPA for improved concentration and brain function.

The DHA in Omega 3 fish oil is an important component of the brain. DHA plays an essential role in brain development, and also assists in maintaining healthy brain function and levels of concentration.

We got sent a pack of Brain Boosters by Healthspan and as I must say I was very interested to try them on the kids because we had previously bought some in the supermarket to give to the kids but they were really expensive and they didn't taste very pleasantly, so once the packet finished we kind of forgot about them.

The Brain Boosters were delivered in the box the actual vitamins come in, which I found really cool as its a eco friendly way of packaging and it fits through the letter box,  kids loved these and we call them "sweetie medicine" so they know they are only allowed one a day but they taste great too.

As the kids like them so much I researched further and I found out some of the many ways DHA helps children's health:
  • Supports strong cognitive function by supporting optimal neuron function
  • Promotes ability to concentrate and focus
  • Affects the motor control part of the brain, playing a major role in muscle function and coordination
  • Supports normal social development
  • Promotes appropriate behaviour
  • Provides increased visual acuity
The packaging also came with a voucher to get discount off Healthspan's Children's Multivitamin Bear which I'm going to have a look at trying, I'm definitely going to order the Brain Boosters again, one months supply for a child at £9.95 is quite good considering that it includes postage.

I will be looking out to see if it does in fact improve his concentration and what not but because I still have "Baby Brain" I might order some adult ones too and see if it works for me too.

Do you already take or give your children Omega 3? Did you see a noticeable difference since taking it?

Monica x

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