Friday, 24 June 2011

Cybermummy 2011 Meet and Greet

Its Cybermummy time tomorrow and I'm really excited but really scared at the same time... is that even really possible?! 

I am a Cybermummy virgin, so have no idea what to expect and really scared I wont recognize everyone without their avatars and what not, I am really terrible with names AND I am a bunny avatar on twitter and most places so I think people won't recognize me!

I will probably be the girl (saying woman just sounds so grown up ;) ) sitting in the corner all by herself trying to look pretty and inconspicuous but secretly wants to meet EVERYONE!

So here if you see me do come and say hello and be the braver of us, I am only shy to start with once you get me going I'm actually quite outgoing! (Yes I'm weird like that)

Name: Monica ( I am also known by Mummy to 2 lovely little beauties)

Blog: You are on it!

Twitter ID: @myfunnybunny

Height: Approx 5ft 5 and I don't wear heels (I can't) so I will probably be the shortest in the room!

Hair: Auburn and short

Eyes: Dark brown

Likes: People, My Family, Summer, Olives, Chourico, Potatoes, colour White and bright colours, South Africa, Portugal... I like lots of things!!

Dislikes:  Trashy or Rude people, cold weather (Yes I know, I do live in England no need to point that out... cold is most of the weather) apart from that I'm not too fussy.

This is what I look like when I look all pretty, lets face it, I probably wont look like this tomorrow but pretty close anyway... you'll recognize me!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

I have to also thank my sponsors Create for allowing me to be there.

Monica xx


Emma said...

Aww Monica lovely lics great to see the real face behind the bunny .. ow you are on my list hope I can tick off/me
et everyone tomorrow! Emma

Carly Yeganeh said...

Aww shame I missed you on was such a hectic day! Hope you had a fantastic time x

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