Saturday, 21 April 2012

You're Invited to our Grand Opening, it's a special date

And finally after all the hard work and anticipation I can finally say...

I hope to see you there!
I feel a bit like it's my wedding I am planning, I am that nervous, it's a massive day for me and my family. 

We will be supporting St Lukes Hospice Basildon as they have been supporting my grandad through his cancer ordeal. They will be selling tickets to their raffle, we have a few items which when sold 50% of the profits will be donated to them and we will also have a permanent collection box in the shop.

The 28th of April wasn't just picked out of a hat, in fact I have worked very hard to meet this deadline against all odds and hurdles, specially considering it's before pay day for us.

I hope I can share this special day with you too.

No the 28th is not just a random date, it's the date of my grandad's birthday, unfortunately he has terminal cancer. My grandad is like a father to me, he raised me until I was 10 and he is the most hard working man I have ever known, and the strongest up until this year when this monstrous disease decided to manifest itself.

I am opening the boutique on his birthday so that he knows he is special to me beyond what my words can ever describe and so that he can be proud of me and know that he doesn't need to worry about me.

Since a very young age my grandad has inspired me to run my own business and shown me that hard work can achieve anything, he himself is an entrepreneur and had his own business that he ran successfully ever since I can remember.

I hope I make him proud and I hope that he is with us for as long as possible, perhaps by some miracle I will be celebrating his birthday and the boutique's birthday next year with him beside me.

I love you Avo, my hero.

M x

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