Saturday, 16 February 2013

Would you do such a disgusting act?

Ronald is Julia's friend, he came in just recently. I want to share Spanish Stray Dogs' Letter to him with you as it's so sincere and moving.

"Dear Ronald, We are so sorry that life has been so cruel to you. 
Ronald please understand you are safe now nobody will hurt you now. 
We want you to know that not all humans are wicked and that there are many humans in the world who love dogs like you and would be so disgusted to know what has happened to you. 

We know that you were living on a street as a stray and that somebody kind was feeding you. We know that an argument broke out between the residents on the street and that some people that lived there disagreed that you should be fed. So they decided to burn you didn't they. It wasn't your fault Ronald. They burned you because they are evil wicked people, not because you are a bad dog. 
Ronald you are a very good dog you always have been. 

We know now you are in great pain yet still you show no hatred towards humans. Ronald please trust us when we say we want to help you and that we will find you a family to love you. 

Please don't die yet Ronald because we want to show you that you can have a happy life. Ronald we love you so much. Love from all the volunteers at Spanish Stray Dogs."

This is terrible, how could someone be so cruel as to not want someone else feed a poor dog that is on the streets fending for itself, let alone set fire to it? I wish I lived near this person, I would terrorised them and taunt them that they would think they were going crazy with their guilt. I know if my grandfather had seen this happening he would have knocked out the person who did this.

How can people be so heartless?

This is why I am raising funds for Spanish Stray Dogs to save Julia and dogs like her and Ronald.

Dogs have feelings just like you and me, you wouldn't like to be and feel abandoned and abused would you?

Monica x

If you feel disgusted by these terrible person's actions please share this post, your small action could help save a defenceless animal like Ronald or even Ronald himself!

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