Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Julia waiting to come over to the UK!

I am sure you have heard about Julia by now!

I haven't stopped going on about her, if you still don't know the whole story, you really need to go read it here.

This is a lovely update, I should have already written it but it's been hectic around here. Julia is waiting to come over to the UK and while she is waiting a very kind lady called Harriet is taking care of her!

So instead of being in the shelter with over 200 other dogs, she is now in a small family run kennel and is getting some love and attention. This is a massive improvement and helps a lot as Julia is taking antibiotics so needs help with those.

I was so pleased to hear when this happened, she even had a bath and everything! She must have felt so pampered. For those of you that don't know, Julia was very sad and depressed living in the shelter, in those cramped conditions for approximately a year and a half, so this is a massive help for her.

Julia at Harriet's after a bath :)

Look how nice and clean she looks! She still sleeps in a kennel outside the house but there are only a few dogs, and the lady has children which help taking the dogs out for walks too. Compared to the shelter she was in this is amazing for her, the lady is very caring and has even got her a little jacket as she gets very cold in the kennel at night.

Julia on a walk

So here she is, very soon she will be coming over to the UK!
All we need is a little bit more help, we are running around £90 under our target fundraising amount for Spanish Stray Dogs, so please do give us a hand to get there... there is no minimum donation and you can even donate by paypal!

Donations help Spanish Stray Dogs UK continue their life saving work.

Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeazy! Just pop on over to http://www.justgiving.com/SavingJulia

If just 90 people donated £1 each we would reach our target easily!

Monica x

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