Thursday, 14 March 2013

Julia's first night in the UK!

Famished Julia
 For everyone that has been been following my updates on Julia, I am happy to say she is now in the UK!! Welcome to your new home sweetie.

As you can see Julia really needs some TLC, yesterday she arrived famished as she was on the road on a long trip from Spain since Monday.
Skinny Julia
She is really skinny and very timid, she is still on a course of antibiotics for tick fever (lasting a month) and a trip to the vet hopefully next week should hopefully tell us if she has Mange or not as her skin is in a state.

Her fur is like straw but I'm guessing this is due to her malnutrition and should improve with time, my mum is visiting today and bringing some oil capsules for her which should help too.

Yesterday we went to fetch her in the evening from the Dog-e Transport people, we met up at one of their stops. I was waiting for quite a while and when I finally saw the van the tears just started trickling down my face.

I was so pleased that I was finally going to meet Julia, that she finally was here and didn't need to suffer anymore!

We recognized her amongst the other Podengos in the van as she has a white chest, the poor thing was so cold that I carried her straight to the car. It was a bit of a trip home for her, she was very stressed and very scared.

When we finally got home she had a quick sniff around and her new sisters decided to go on a butt smelling marathon... yes, they all now now in detail each others backsides. A good thing though as they all seemed to like each others butts, no problems there.

Then, without further delay Julia proceeded to ravish the dog food that was in the bowl, yes, all of it!
She still looked famished looking around for more so I gave her a nice tray of Cesar and she polished that too. I don't think she had anything ever so yummy in her life.

"I could get used to this!"
I showed Julia the house, she went out to the back garden for her business with her new sisters and then I gave her a well deserved warm bath, and lots of love and cuddles.

She decided to 'steal' my sister's blanket and lay very cosy in her bed. 
So after an exhausting few days, a very restful sleep with a nice pillow and all!

Finally in my forever home, safe and sound!
 So now that one struggle is over, another one begins... getting Julia healthy and happy.

We thank all the support we have received so far, if you would like to help with Julia, we still need to fund raise £70 to cover the costs of her coming over. All funds go directly to Spanish Stray Dogs through Julia's Just Giving Page

Any donations of anything else for her is welcome and whatever is not suitable for Julia or not needed will be passed on to Spanish Stray Dogs as they have many dogs that will benefit too.

Thank you so much

Monica x

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Tanya said...

Aw Julia you look safe & warm now, enjoy your new life with your new family. Tanya SSD.

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