Sunday, 14 July 2013

Glee Star Found Dead... Cory Monteith " Finn Hudson" gone forever

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 This morning I came across this very sad news, "Finn" gone forever.

One of the main characters of the musical tv series Glee which is watched by most of the world, including me was found dead in a hotel room in Canada on Saturday.

He was 31 years old and apparently died alone in his bedroom, he had previously struggled with drug abuse and he had voluntarily been in rehab just in April. A post mortem examination will take place tomorrow as to try and ascertain cause of death.

I am saddened by these news and my thoughts go out to his mother and family. I can only imagine the pain and suffering they must be going through.

I know Glee will certainly not be the same for all devoted viewers and fans, beloved "Finn" will no longer be there.

I tried to find a picture that would portray his 'true' nature instead of an image from Glee, a picture that his family would be proud of and happy to see. I know that after my grandfather passed away I only wanted to see photos with his biggest smile, and still after a whole year it is still all very fresh in my mind.

REST IN PEACE CORY, everyone loved you.

Monica x

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