Monday, 21 March 2011

Radiopaq Flex Sports Earphones - A Gadget Dad Review

Radiopaq Flex Sports Earphones were designed to be unnoticed while you walk, run or train. The ear clips were specially designed to feel virtually weightless and comfortable at the same time.

The rear facing flow away cables reduces tangle and doesn't get in your way while training. It comes with two interchangeable cable lengths, for training and pocket use. They are fully compatible with the iPhone and the iTouch and come with a gold plated 3.5mm audio jack. 

Radiopaq even added a genuine Apple remote chip and Mic to make skipping tracks and taking calls a breeze without interrupting your exercise routine. Also included in the packaging is three sizes of soft silicone earphone cushions to make sure you get the perfect fit to enjoy superb noise isolation.

Radiopaq Flex Sports Earphones are available now at and other good retailers for £24.99. They are available in three different colours: Graphite White, Graphite Black and Graphite Orange.

Gadget Dad Verdict:

The problem I have with most earphones is how they always get in the way or the way they always get pulled out of your ears when you are running or doing a workout with weights. Radiopaq seems to have come up with a very comfortable solution to get over this annoying obstacle so that you can get on with your workout. 

Switching tracks and taking calls are very easy as Radiopaq used a genuine Apple remote chip and Mic so that you can use your iPhone and iTouch the way you are used to with the earphones originally supplied with the unit.

The rear facing flow-away ear clips are super comfortable and you barely notice that they are there due to their weightless design. I especially liked the two interchangeable cable lengths idea so that you can use it with and arm band without having the need to have a log wire hanging from your arm. If you want to keep your unit (eg. iPhone) in your pocket you simply add the extra cable length to it which comes with the earphones.

The design quality is good considering to the price tag of £24.99 and the sound quality match some rivals that are a lot dearer to the wallet! 

  • Ultra comfortable ear clips and rear flow-away cable design
  • Comes in three different colours
  • 2 interchangeable cable lengths
  • Built in genuine Apple remote chip and Mic 
  • Some aspects of the design could have been a little bit less bulky and more stylish to compliment the stylish and streamline design of the ear clips and earphone jack, for example the Radiopaq branded plastic bit where the two wires separate into two and the female connection point for the extra lenght cable.
Rating: 8.5/10

Till next time
Gadget Dad

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