Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Giant Die!!!!

Here is a little sneak preview... I am gonna try and take some better pics.
Its lovely my son loves it! Giant dice to play with are brilliant!
Its all made of felt with incredible detail, everything is hand sewn and embroidered, no lazy machine sewing here, everything is 2D.
All the sides have numbers and the respective number of items on it.
1 = Rabbit
2= Carrots
3= Flowers
4= Fruit trees
5= Slices of pizza
6= Burning candles
Great to use as a soft toy, a giant die for board games, learning numbers & counting as all the pictures are recognizable. Countless of hours of play & learning!
It takes me a great deal of time and care to make one of these but they are so beautiful, its definately worth it!
Great gift for the kids!
Hope you like it.
Monica x

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