Tuesday, 9 December 2008

I am back! I am sorry for the delay on letting you know the news but we have been having a bit of a rough time and I have been really busy with "Life"!

I had my first scan at 13 weeks last week, thankfully the baby is healthy and all is in its place. I was glad to discover it was just 1 baby and not 2, as for me 1 baby at a time is enough!

This will be my last pregnancy though (or so its planned!) so I don't want to stress out too much and try and enjoy it as much as I can.

We are really busy of course as well because Christmas is coming up and my untie is also getting married on the 27th of December! So the whole family is busy we can say!

I also made a lovely Nappy Stacker which is both listed on Ebay and on Etsy, visit our website to be directed to either shop http://www.myfunnybunny.com/

Here is some pics of the front and back.

It is made of heavyweight cotton and fits 20 Size 5 nappies inside, obviously the smaller the nappy, the more that will fit!

What I found very disappointing is that after I spent around £15 on a nappy stacker (Diaper Stacker) for my first son was that I wasnt able to use it for very long!

As soon as the nappies got bigger only a small number would fit and it was extremely difficult to take them out!

So when I designed this one I had in mind to construct one which was easy to use all the way until the child stopped wearing nappies!
Here it is! You take the nappies from the top, the same way you put them in and you can stand it up on the table or tie it to the cot.
I hope you like it!

I can make matching accessories on request but you need to hurry as I have a limited amount of this fabric!

Chat to you soon!

Monica xx

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