Thursday, 29 January 2009

Boys Tooth Fairy

Where is the tooth Fairy??

I have a little boy, yet each time I see any tooth pillows for kids to put their teeth for the tooth fairy, they are mostly pink & full of "pinkness" if you know what I mean!

So "ping" my brain went! I went to my studio and "masterminded" a tooth pillow for modern boys & indeed modern girls that are not pink all over, because it is not mandatory for girls to like pink & boys to like blue!

So here is my new take on the tooth pillow! I am surely gonna make pink ones, blue ones, yellow ones, orange ones & multicolored ones too!!!!!!

Isn't it cute?! That is my son's small hands holding it...he is almost 3.

The little pocket has space for leaving a folded note if the toothe fairy is a generous one!
I loved making it too, specially embroidering the little tooth!

Hope you like it!
Monica xx

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