Monday, 26 January 2009

Mr Bunny

Yes this is the "new" addition to our family, we have had him for quite a few months now but he has been awaiting an introduction!

Stefan decided to call him Mr Bunny, nothing difficult there but he is only 2 and a half so he was really happy to call him that!

He is a netherland dwarf rabbit and as you can see by his white fur and red eyes he is albino (has no pigmentation), he is now full size and he is probably not even 1kg in weight!

He is very sweet, never bites and my son loves him! As so do I and my hubby. He has the cutest short ears!

His cheeks look chubby in the second pic because he has his mouth full!

I was told that rabbits are really smart but didn't realise how much until I bought him a corner "toilet" (red in the 2nd pic) and he learnt to use it straight away! It makes my job of cleaning much easier, quicker & cheaper!

Anyways, he is the "new" addition to our now big family! We are now 2 adults, 1 toddler, 2 small dogs and a bunny!

1 comment:

PrincessZelda said...

Mr Bunny is too cute for words.
We called one of our bunnies Eebun (Bun-ee backwards), don't ask me why!

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