Sunday, 8 February 2009


Our first ever give away! Very exciting!


The great folks at LANDRITH and CO are really generous and donating a CUSTOM BANNER & AVATAR for etsyians who want to spruce it up!!

Landrith and Co

The newest of the etsy designers, has reached out to the etsy community in a genuine way, helping new etsyans without a cohesive appearance dress up their shops. Now, they want to help you...

Make sure to visit them @

Their work looks really good and they have extremely good prices!

Some examples of their banner work (not to scale!):

Post a comment on our Feb posts and include your etsy username on it.
We are posting almost each day so come back often!

Every comment is counted as an entry but only 1 comment per post is allowed, and no one word comments are allowed, must be a genuine thought or comment!

On the last day of the month we will do a draw with all the names in a hat! So the more entries the bigger your chance of winning!!!

The winner will be contacted straight away!

Lets get to it!! Good Luck!!! Monica xxx


5erg said...

This looks really a great banner shop! I really hope I get to win. I never do :D heh, but one can hope,right!

Funnybanana said...

Please do not enter me for this one has I already have a banner and avatar. I only wanted to say that not only this is a great idea but this banner guys look great.

I will check back regularly, so to see what is here up for grabs.

Good luck you all.

ritasmeeta said...

Great idea on the monthly giveaways :) I'm pretty happy with my banner and avi, but hey, why not try a new one?

djStoreRoom said...

You have a really great blog!! And, the donors are really kind to donate this giveaway!!

Thanks for the chance!


Erin, maker of chimes said...

i'd love to win this!

Stephanie said...

This looks like a really talented place. I would love to win this.

etsy name - lesjoujou

Vivien said...

I love the textured-looking banners in their shop! Please enter me in the giveaway. My Etsy is puffpastry.


Aik said...

I'm new to etsy and I wish to win a nice banner for my shop! Thanks!

TiLT said...

what a great way to do a giveaway! I love browsing blogs - you just gave me one more - thanks :)
off to check out the shop now...


playswithclay said...

ooh, I like that banner shop :)

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