Monday, 28 February 2011

Top 10 Stress Busting Tips

As a parent I think that stress just naturally waltzes into your life whenever it feels like it, never mind the bills to pay and chores to do....
Just think of the times when you turn around and your little one managed to get on top of something really high and she is imagining she is a bird! Stressed yet?

Naturally when I saw these stress busting tips I was interested in having a read and also sharing them with you!
Monica x

Top 10 stress busting tips
  1. Visualize a time when you were completely relaxed and happy – revisit it during stressful times
  2. Stop and think – often stress make us react without fully exploring our options
  3. Take ten – whether at home or work, ten minutes of fresh air will help you gain some perspective
  4. Be good to yourself – be your own best friend and reward yourself for working hard, even if it’s just a tasty cake and nice cuppa
  5. Go with it – often events occur that are out of our control, but try not to panic. It’s surprising how often good things come out of an unexpected situation
  6. Give yourself time – being late is a common cause of stress
  7. Just say no – it’s better than promising something you cannot deliver or will resent doing
  8. Keep it simple – do you really need eight different types of vegetable with your roast dinner?
  9. Smile and socialize with cheerful people - Happy people generate happy feelings!
  10. Have a laugh – call a friend and lighten the load. You don’t have to be miserable, even when you’re stressed!
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