Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Edifier Sound To Go Portable USB Audio Speaker - A Gadget Dad Review

Edifier introduces their ultimate portable USB speaker to take anywhere with you. This cleverly designed sound bar was crafted out of brushed aluminium and houses full range 30mm x 70mm magnetically shielded speaker drivers with an elaborately designed bass reflection port.

The sound bar connects to your desktop or laptop via AUX input and it gets power from a additional usb cable that comes supplied.

You are supplied with a elagent soft carry pouch to protect the sound bar during transit.

Edifier Sound To Go is available for the RRP of £39.99 directly from Edifier and Amazon.

Gadget Dad Verdict:

I'll take my sound to go please! Edifier just released this fabulous USB sound bar to take along where ever you go with your laptop and of course you can also use this with your desktop as well.

I opened up the box and was met with a black velvet pouch that housed the brushed aluminium sound bar. This was very sleek package presentation from Edifier and it felt more like this was a more expensive product than it actually is. The sound from this sound bar was very impressive considering the cost. For the RRP of £39.99 this is truly very good bang for the buck.

Set up was very easy and it is a simple matter of plugging the cable into the USB port and whoooop there it is! You can also connect other mp3 devices to the sound bar via the supplied 3.5mm-3.5mm audio cable.

I even had the sound bar connected to my iPhone without a desktop or laptop using the Freeloader Classic Solar Charger for mobile phones and ipads. This was very handy for those that wanted to take their sound bar with them to the park during summer for a picnic for example and still be able to enjoy their music while on the go without the need to take their laptop along.

  • Sleek and stylish brushed aluminium design
  • Comes with carry pouch to protect unit
  • Very easy set up
  • Would have complemented the design even better if the connection points could have been at the back of the unit some how as this spoils the design of the unit having the cables coming out of the side
  • Also would have been nice to have two more rubber bits under the unit in the centre so that it could fit under a iMac without being directly on the aluminium 
Rating: 9.5/10

Till next time
Gadget Dad

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daniel said...

That is a good idea, it looks great too - i often wonder why speakers are so bulky and awkward when computers have become so minimal, so it looks like someone is addressing this very question.

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